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Minsthorpe Community College

Ofsted Report November 2023

There is a focused, purposeful atmosphere around the school, which is underpinned by the school’s vision of motivation, commitment and care.

Pupils are confident, well-mannered and eager to share their opinions. They work hard in lessons and are keen to succeed.

Teachers and pupils are clear about expectations and procedures through the ‘Minsthorpe way’ ... As a result, the school is calm and orderly. Staff address any misbehaviour, including low-level disruption to learning, appropriately. Pupils behave well.

The curriculum is ambitious for all pupils ... Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are involved in all aspects of school life.

The school has ensured that the sixth-form curriculum meets students’ needs and interests ... This helps sixth-form students to progress on to higher education, apprenticeships and employment.

Pupils, including students in the sixth form, are taught well-planned and broad curriculums that support pupils’ personal development ... This helps to prepare pupils well for life in modern Britain.

The school invests in staff’s development. This means that staff feel valued and are proud to work at the school ... Leaders support staff well and consider their workload and well-being.