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Minsthorpe Community College

Our Curriculum Subjects

The Curriculum Journeys reflect the curriculum content in each subject being delivered to the current year groups during the academic year 2023/24.


The English Curriculum encourages curiosity and debate, whilst also being designed to support all students in becoming effective communicators, critical thinkers, and creative writers, equipping them well for life beyond Minsthorpe. The study of English introduces students to the literary canon, enabling students to access rich and engaging poetry, prose and drama from a range of literary periods. Through the study of English, students will develop an extended vocabulary, enabling them to express complex ideas and beliefs, which is pertinent in supporting students in their social, moral, and spiritual development, consistently enabling students to reflect on their own beliefs and values. We aim to make students articulate communicators in the spoken and written form and confident readers of a range of texts.


We aim to foster positive attitudes, fascination and excitement of discovery through the learning and teaching of mathematical concepts and, we are committed to creating the very best Mathematicians, challenging students to think, act and speak like those working in the field of mathematics. Quality first teaching ensures students understand underlying Mathematical principles and can apply them in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar contexts, constantly referring to the ‘why’ techniques work, encouraging students to make connections between ideas and topics.  The curriculum provides stretch and challenge and opportunities for collaborative thinking, as well as space for independent thought and creative solutions. Students are explicitly taught strategies to solve problems and are encouraged by teacher modelling to be able to express themselves in Mathematical language and are taught using the Maths Mastery programme. There is an emphasis on the cumulative mastery of essential knowledge and skills in mathematics. It embeds a deeper understanding of maths by utilising a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach so that students understand what they are doing rather than just following a given method and aims to ensure students become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, improving oracy skills and etymology of keywords, developing conceptual knowledge and an ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.


At Minsthorpe Community College we are committed to providing a stimulating, engaging and intellectually challenging science curriculum. Science helps our understanding of the world around us; everything from living organisms to properties of matter and energy.  Human progress throughout history has largely rested on advances in Science, therefore the Science curriculum is integral and vital for all students to experience in our college. The Science curriculum is knowledge rich:  at Key Stage 3, we build on the knowledge gained at Key Stage 2 introducing the concepts, laws, theories and models underpinning each science discipline. Moreover, we emphasise the importance of ‘How Science Works’ by experimentation and investigation. We foster analytical skills in all lessons, prioritising data collection and helping students to develop their ability to evaluate information.  We aim to ensure that students leave our college with strong Science qualifications, furthering their life chances and ensuring students are ready to make a positive impact on the world around them.


The teaching of Geography allows us to make sense of the world around us. The Geography department at Minsthorpe Community College delivers a well-planned and structured curriculum incorporating key aspects of the National Curriculum. This will enable pupils to become successful global citizens, discovering the world and its people, whilst deepening their understanding of a range of places. Pupils will develop an excellent knowledge of where places are, their key characteristics and how diverse they can be. They will foster an understanding of physical and human environments, the processes within them, alongside expanding their awareness of how places are interconnected. Pupils will develop a broad understanding of the issues facing a range of places and people, now and in the future. Through their study of Geography students develop their literacy and numeracy skills, learning high level terminology so they are confident and comfortable using academic language in every context required. Geography provides an ideal opportunity for students to utilise skills developed in other curriculum areas from physical processes in Science, to mathematical processes, leading to well-rounded students ready for their next step.


The History department at Minsthorpe Community College delivers a well-planned and structured curriculum incorporating key aspects of the National Curriculum. This will deepen students understanding of their place in the world through a study of a wide range of topics incorporating both British and world history, ensuring they emerge as tolerant and well-rounded individuals and develop an understanding of the modern world. There is a strong focus on literacy, through the use of a range of written texts, including both contemporary source material and more modern interpretations. In addition to the knowledge gained, the development of skills such as the ability to communicate effectively and think critically is an integral part of their studies, allowing students the best possible opportunities whilst preparing them for their life after college.

Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL department at Minsthorpe Community College delivers a well-planned and well-structured, sequenced French curriculum  using collaborative plans and resources which aims to deepen students’ understanding of another language, giving them an excellent learning experience, whilst broadening their cultural horizons and fostering greater tolerance and understanding of another culture. Lessons focus on increasing students’ literacy by making links to vocabulary, phonics, reading skills and grammar.  In addition, the curriculum enables students to develop their communication skills (written and oral), their confidence in reading aloud and problem-solving capabilities, for example, through decoding and translation.  Students also develop resilience and independence through the sequenced lessons.


Design Technology

The DT curriculum delivers learning creatively following the National Curriculum Programmes of Study. The three different material areas (Textiles, Product Design and Food) and the multi-material experiences, within DT provide skills and knowledge development which is varied, practical, theoretical and challenging.  The wealth of techniques and processes explored in all specialist material areas enhances variety which is attractive and engaging for all levels of learner; DT has something for everyone and empowers students to aim high, understand iterative development and through this to understand that getting it ‘wrong’ is part of a process that can have positive consequences and enhances understanding.  Students develop very strong work skills (independence, resilience, teamwork, communication, aspiration and problem solving) which make them highly successful learners who achieve excellent outcomes.  The curriculum is constantly refined and developed to remain technologically and ‘real-world’ relevant, making particular connection to careers and future study.



The Creative Department at Minsthorpe Community College consists of Music, Drama, Art and Photography; each of these subjects offers a broad and enriching curriculum. The department is committed to promoting independence through the development of self-confidence and inclusion of all students, ensuring all work is made accessible through guidance and challenge. Students will be motivated to expand on a range of transferable skills, such as resilience, communication and creating mature professional interpersonal relationships. The subjects allow students to explore practically through their own artistic expression, leaving them feeling both liberated and empowered.

Computing and Digital Media

The Computing and Digital IMedia department at Minsthorpe Community College is committed to providing the opportunities to study, retain and retrieve a broad, deep and knowledge rich curriculum (as per National Curriculum). The team in this department pledges to enable learners to become literate in digital skills and computational thinking. Our intention is to ensure students master knowledge in the fundamental concepts of computing and computer science including; computer architecture, networks, algorithms and data representation. Students will be able to analyse problems in computational terms, as well as use a computer creatively and safely. For the IMedia strand of the curriculum, we aim for students to be competent in digital literacy, so they can create, re-use, revise and repurpose digital artefacts for a given audience.

The Computing and Digital IMedia department wants students to leave with knowledge and skills which not only create excellent life opportunities, but will allow them to be responsible, competent, confident and creative users of computers, who are able to access option choices, further education or employment with relevant, up-to-date and desirable skills.

Learning For Life & Religious Education

The L4L / RE department, delivers a well-planned and well-structured curriculum which promotes the holistic development of the person.  It facilitates the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and moral development. We provide a learning environment for students to encounter and engage with the deepest and most fundamental questions relating to life, meaning and relationships. It encourages students to reflect, question, critique, interpret, imagine and find insight for their lives. The students’ own experience and continuing search for meaning is encouraged and supported.   Students are supported to explore how religious and other beliefs are expressed and reflect on moral values for life.  Big questions are tackled and a focus on raising literacy and numeracy standards are done through written and verbal contributions.  The team are the main platform from which statutory Relationships and Sex Education and Careers information are delivered.


Physical Education

A student that follows the PE journey at Minsthorpe will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to participate in sport or physical activity at a level appropriate to them during their school days and beyond. In addition they will develop emotional, physical and social skills that will help them cope with life in school and beyond. They will develop a sense of pride, belonging and respect for Minsthorpe Community College. The PE programme supports the whole College literacy programme, with key words being used in all lessons. Numeracy opportunities are taken at strategic times during the programme, as are links to career opportunities. The CORE PE programme helps prepare students for our exam courses by equipping students with the necessary physical skills, as well as having a theory theme which gives the students an insight into theory knowledge required on these courses.

Social Sciences & Vocational Qualifications (Soc Voc)

The department provides Health and Social Care at KS4 & 5 and wider Level 3 qualifications in social sciences and business, in addition to Level 1 and 2 pre-apprenticeship/work skills study routes at Post 16. We provide new subject experiences for the significant numbers of students who remain at the college for their post 16 experience; we are creative and adaptable in how we manage and deliver courses with heavy specification content, and provide extremely robust additional support programmes to support learners and enable them to achieve their best.  All aspects of delivery follow the college behaviour expectations and BEFAIR for KS4 learners, and the college ethos of Motivation, Commitment and Care are at the heart of all the departments planning, support and delivery.  Essentially, we provide something for everyone, regardless of ability and exemplify inclusivity in action; are committed to enhancing literacy and numeracy within teaching and learning and provide learners with all the Skills Builder skills making them very well prepared for future study and employment.

Student Support - Nurture

The nurture department at Minsthorpe Community College delivers well planned, bespoke sessions through a nurturing approach, focussing on the transition from primary school to secondary and supporting the wellbeing of targeted students.  

The bespoke sessions are delivered using topic-based subjects and offers opportunities for students to show their self-motivation and commitment to each other, following care values embedded through the college ethos. This supports students’ mental health and well-being through a range of strategies and manageable work tasks, linking into a range of cross curricular subjects at a level of understanding for students to develop oracy and language. These sessions are delivered through SEAL platforms and targeted, bespoke sessions to support SEND and disadvantaged students, whilst promoting independence and resilience of an all-inclusive nature.  The nurturing approach lends itself to a home from home environment, with an insight in promoting positive attendance, giving regular, generous rewards and improves the progress of all students, helping to break through any barriers to learning and helping to make a difference in young lives for their future ahead.