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Minsthorpe Community College

Resource Provision

The Minsthorpe Community College Resource Provision is an integrated resource provision, delivering an adapted curriculum, with access to mainstream facilities, for students who have a prime need of students with profound speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN), severe learning difficulty (SLD), and/or students with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) not attending regularly and having an underlying barrier of learning needs.

The provision offers a curriculum that is low demand to support learning needs, and access to mainstream lessons and experiences for those that make suitable progress. Students also have access to the cross-curricular and extra-curricular college activities that supports their inclusion as a member of the Minsthorpe Community College community.

Please contact Matt Orr, Director of Student Support via if you wish to discuss Minsthorpe Community College Integrated Resource Provision

Resource Provision Curriculum

The curriculum offer in Resource Provision Key Stage (KS3) and Key Stage 4 (KS4) mirrors the Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact of the mainstream Minsthorpe Community College curriculum and is delivered through the policies and procedures of the Minsthorpe Way. The College’s values of Motivation, Commitment and Care are reflected in the experience for all stakeholders in the Resource Provision.

Key Stage 3 Resource Provision Curriculum

At Key Stage 3 the students are taught by a dedicated teacher and a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. They will follow a student-centred, inclusive curriculum to build developmentally on skills already acquired, with a focus on basic skills, communication, social skills and independence.  The learning experience will be cross-curricular in nature and will take place in the main in their own allocated classroom.  There is a focus on the personalised progress of students and they have the opportunity to access subject specialist facilities and teaching, as appropriate to their development, strengths and interests if they demonstrate the ability and interest in doing so.

Key Stage 4 Resource Provision Curriculum

At Key Stage 4 the students benefit from all lessons being delivered through the skills of subject specialists, with consistent support provided by an Inclusion Support Practitioner to enable students to achieve a range of qualifications. This is a mixture of certification, such as First Aid, and appropriate qualifications in core and wider subjects at Entry Level, Level 1, Level 2 and GCSE. The focus is on developing the students’ independence and self-advocacy skills and integration into mainstream lessons in line with their wishes, abilities, strengths, career aspirations and preparation for adulthood.

Staff CPD

Specialist services are available to support the continued professional development for staff, support the holistic and specific needs of the students and their families and ensure provision matches the needs of the students to remove barriers to learning and progress.

Agreeing placement in the Resource Provision

There are two pathways for having a placement in the Resource Provision.

Local Authority Placements

For the Local Authority placements, the procedure is that a consultation is received following Education Health Care Panel, directed by the panel due to the provision in the Education, Health and Care Plan and/or through parental request. The Education Health Care Plan is considered for its suitably for placement in the Resource Provision using the statutory framework set out in the Children and Families Act (2014) and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Code of Practice (2015) and a response shared with the Education, Health Care Panel. A decision is then made at Education, Health Care panel determining if the child’s needs can be met at the Resource Provision. If placement is confirmed, then an agreed start date is given, allowing for parents to arrange home to school transport when from out of area (only available for children placed in the Resource Provision by the Local Authority). The students placed by the Local Authority in the Resource Provision are anticipated to be allocated for the whole of their secondary education from the agreed start date. However, where it is assessed that the child has made sufficient progress it is possible that the student may be transitioned from being a named Resource Provision student to becoming a Minsthorpe Community College mainstream student, this would be considered through the appropriate Education, Health Care annual review process. If a student is already a Minsthorpe Community College mainstream student with an Education, Health Care Plan, a named placement in the Resource Provision will follow the same process as for students in any other school if they meet the criteria set out in the introduction.

Minsthorpe Community College Students

The process for students accessing the Resource Provision for a temporary period of time who are on the Minsthorpe Community College mainstream roll, requires for a student to have identified needs as previously described, or require more assessment of their needs. Agreement that a place  is recommended through the college Inclusion meeting and passed to the Director of Student Support to consider. If it is an appropriate referral, a meeting (Resource Provision Support Plan) is set out with home and child to ensure that all parties are in agreement for the placement to take place and a place is allocated. For all Minsthorpe Community College mainstream students the intention is for the student to have access to the Resource Provision for a term before returning to their mainstream lessons, with assessments and additional adjustments in place for meeting their needs.

The number of places in each provision is capped at 15 to ensure that students accessing the provision have access to the support they require.

Specialist Services

The available services for students and families includes access to the Parent Support Advisor, trained as a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), who will be a constant contact for support and advice. There is also access to Occupational Therapy for assessments and advice regarding physical and sensory needs, speech and language access for assessments and for supporting the development of the curriculum, assistant educational psychology interventions to support family approaches and offer therapeutic support for the student and educational psychology to support statutory processes, assess for additional identification needs for more complex students and to support stakeholder development of skills and processes. There is a termly planning meetings to enable effective deployment of services to meet the needs of students. Students may need access to none of these services, to certain elements or to all depending on their presentation. This is established, initially in planning meetings but also through ongoing assessment by staff and ensuring any emerging needs are responded to.

Why choose Minsthorpe Community College Integrated Resource Provision for your child?

The model we have introduced with the Local Authority retains all the good practice that exists within resource provisions and builds on this model with the flexibility of access our students experience and benefit from. This is also positive for the students who are full time in the Resource Provision as they have the opportunity to learn alongside their mainstream peers. The students who are named as Local Authority placed Resource Provision students have this provision as their starting point, however, they also have the opportunity to go to mainstream lessons if their progress demonstrates the ability to do so. The more that they can manage, the more we will facilitate, this will only be done in agreement with home and the child. We also have an adapted behaviour policy to support students to develop appropriate communication and regulation skills

The Minsthorpe Community College students will typically be in the provision for a short, full time period. This approach increases social inclusion, supports aspirations and enables an inclusive education. I believe this approach is not common and sets a benchmark for expectations for other Resource Provision to aspire to, not only in Wakefield but regionally and nationally. On occasions, an Minsthorpe Community College student may be educated in Resource Provision whilst a needs assessment takes place. If assessments indicate that their needs cannot be met in Minsthorpe Community College Resource Provision, then we would work with the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Panel and parents to find an appropriate setting. Minsthorpe Community College Resource Provision could be the temporary provision for such students.

Additionally, there will be the opportunity for the students in the Resource Provision to take advantage of the fantastic facilities that Minsthorpe Community College has to offer. This includes use of the 4G Astro Turf, the gym (for P16), the Sports Hall, the food and technology rooms, the Art, Music, Drama and ICT facilities, the library and all the extra-curricular activities that are available including opportunities to represent the school in sporting activities and take part in performances. Students attending the Resource Provision are also offered opportunities for an enriched curriculum through offsite learning opportunities, guest speakers and access to the wide range of after college experiences available.

We believe that the Resource Provision is of significant benefit to the students and families who have access and that it allows for an approach that not only matches the practice of the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Code of Practice (2015) but, of equal importance, the spirit of the code with a child and family centred approach that prepares students for adulthood.

Feedback from Students and Parents/Carers

Parents/Carers of Key Stage 3 students

Since my child joined the RP he has been wanting to read to me every evening, he has never done this before. He is speaking more words now. Talking more, reading. He is so happy to be in the Resource Provision.

Key Stage 3 Students

I like the KS3RP, I like the activities, they are fun. I like who I am working with in the classroom, the children and staff are kind to me.
Miss Sahman is amazing and has inspired me to want to be a teacher or work in a school.

Parents/Carers of Key Stage 4 students

The change of school to a specialist setting is going well, smaller groups, smaller classes and people with similar abilities is helping him.
My child can attend Minsthorpe and that even though he is in a Specialist setting he is still coming into a Community College.
My child feels comfortable in the Provision group – he is showing his personality and becoming more sociable. I’m happy that being in a smaller group gives him more opportunity for support.

Key Stage 4 students

I am coming to school and staying all day now.
The KS4RP is going well, I am in a smaller group and get on with everyone.
The new group is easier, and I feel more confident and I’m happy.