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Minsthorpe Community College


Our College ethos ‘Motivation, Commitment and Care’ shows you that all staff at Minsthorpe Community College are MOTIVATED to provide you with the best CARE possible both in College and external to it.

  • We are COMMITTED to creating a supportive and secure environment in College where you feel safe and valued.
  • We aim to show you CARE by listening to your worries and concerns. If any staff are concerned that you are not safe they will report it to the Safeguarding Team below but will not discuss it with others.
  • We encourage students to show CARE to their peers by reporting any concerns that they might have to their Head of Year (CCTL), a Safeguarding Team Member or any member of staff.
  • We are MOTIVATED and will take action, to help you and ensure that you are safe from harm, and this may mean that we need to speak with your parent/carers and other people that do not work in College such as Social Workers, the Police and School Nursing for example.
  • We are COMMITTED to educating you so that you can identify risks and keep yourselves safe from harm, this includes when you are online e.g. L4L, assemblies and pastoral support.
  • We are COMMITTED to promoting equality for all by following the College rules and policies that are in place to keep us safe from harm for example: Anti-Bullying Policy; Online Safety Policy; BE FAIR and many others.

We promote Fundamental British Values where we all show CARE by treating others with mutual respect and tolerance so that individual rights are not ignored and incidents are not dismissed as banter.

 If you have any queries or questions, please contact Mrs Collins via

Please visit our Policies' page for our Safeguarding and Child Protection policies, including Online Safety and Anti-bullying