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Minsthorpe Community College

Safeguarding Contacts

These are the places that you can call, contact online, to get help & support. We also suggest some useful mobile apps that you can use at all times.

Remember, if you are at immediate risk and are in danger then please contact the police in an emergency on 999. You can also contact Social Care Direct on 0345 8503 503


Be Safe Online

Is someone being weird online? Are you being sexually abused? Do you feel under pressure to have sex? You can contact CEOP for help.

Report to CEOP

CEOP helps young people who are being sexually abused or are worried that someone they’ve met is trying to abuse them.

If you’ve met someone online, or face to face, and they are putting you under pressure to have sex or making you feel uncomfortable you should report to CEOP.

This might be someone:

  • Making you feel worried, anxious or unsafe
  • Making you have sex when you donʼt want to
  • Chatting about sex online
  • Asking you to meet up face to face if youʼve only met them online
  • Asking you to do sexual things on webcam
  • Asking for sexual pictures of you

If this is happening to you, or you’re worried that it might be, you can report it to CEOP and they will help make it stop.

If you or someone else is in immediate danger please dial 999