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Minsthorpe Community College

Vision and Mission


Minsthorpe Community College: A place where everyone plays a part in strengthening our learning community through motivation, commitment and care.



At Minsthorpe, we motivate students through an engaging curriculum which promotes lifelong learning. We provide exciting educational opportunities and an ethos of care, guidance and support for all. We know that students learn best in a safe, calm and orderly environment and our rewards and sanctions support this.  We expect that students are committed to their own learning and progress and to achieving their future aspirations.


At Minsthorpe, we invest in the recruitment, development and retention of caring professionals who are committed to constantly reviewing and improving the quality of learning, teaching and support. We expect that staff are motivated to work collaboratively in setting high expectations for all students with a relentless focus on student learning and progress.

Parents and Carers

At Minsthorpe, we value the contribution our caring parent body makes to their child's education, as we work together to motivate and support each student in reaching their full potential. We want parents and carers to work with us in ensuring their child is safe and happy. We expect the full commitment of parents and carers in ensuring their child attends regularly and on time; completes home learning; wears the correct uniform; is fully equipped and ready to learn and behave the Minsthorpe Way.


At Minsthorpe, the Governing Body is committed to challenging the College Leadership to secure the highest standards of education for the students of our community. It oversees the financial performance of the College, ensuring that budgets are well spent. Governors expect that all stakeholders work together in the best interests of the students to motivate and care for each other.

College Strategic Plan

Minsthorpe Community College has a three-year College Strategic Plan 2022- 2025. This is approved by the Governing Body and reviewed twice each year.

The College Priorities are:

Continue our journey of college improvement through:

  1. The provision of quality curriculum intent, implementation and impact for all
  2. The consistent delivery of the policies and procedures of The Minsthorpe Way